Your online perfume profile. Always extra benefit from your trusted perfume store.

iinaa does not sell perfumes. iinaa helps you discover new perfumes that suit you based on your personal ratings of perfumes.

How it works

The iinaa app is completely free. Registration is quick and easy. You can create your own profile in the iinaa app. Simply indicate in the app whether you like a perfume or not. That's all!

Your benefits

With every purchase where you click through directly from the app, you automatically receive iinaa-points. You can exchange your saved iinaa-points for vouchers from your favorite perfumery. You can also easily share your perfume profile with friends. Finding the right gift is so easy!

Overview of relevant promotions

In the iinaa app you find an overview of all current promotions at your favourite beauty retailers. Moreover, you receive a push notification for promotions of perfumes in your favourite list. After you have found an interesting promotion, you can click directly from the iinaa app to our Partner’s web store where you can purchase the product directly. All partners of iinaa are authorised dealers of the respective brands.


You can earn iinaa points in three ways:

1. Registration
After you download the iinaa app, create an account and rate at least 3 perfumes, you will receive your first 100 iinaa points as a welcome gift.

2. Purchases
For every purchase of a product, you automatically save iinaa points if you click directly from the iinaa app to the webshop of one of the affiliated perfumeries.

3. Invite friends
You can share your personal promo code with friends. If someone uses your code in their registration process, you both get 75 extra iinaa points after their first purchase. Without you having to do anything!

Are you already saving points with your perfumery? No problem. You just get this next to the iinaa points. So maximum benefit!

In your app you can easily see how many iinaa points you have already saved and how many you can already exchange for a voucher from your favorite perfumery. For 500 points you can already get a voucher of €5 (depending on the availability of your perfumery).

Your iinaa points are visible immediately after your purchase, but cannot be redeemed immediately. For example, if you return your purchase to the perfumery, your iinaa points for that purchase will be deducted from your balance again. Depending on the perfumery where you made your purchase, it will take between 30 and 150 days for your iinaa points to be released. iinaa points are valid for 2 years from the moment they can be redeemed.

Important to know, you only collect iinaa points if you visit a perfumery's website directly from the iinaa app. If you go to the perfumery's website directly or, for example, via Google without using the iinaa app, you will not get iinaa points.